Elvis joined our family just weeks ago. He is just under 1 year old. He received facial and paw burns after being trapped in a house fire. The doctors immediately took over his medical care and the owners have allowed Elvis to live here with us.

Cold Laser Therapy Now Available!

We’re proud to announce that we now have purchased the latest in Cold Laser Therapy, a Class IV patented emission system that synchronizes continuous and pulsed emissions providing well-aimed procedures that generate simultaneous anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and in considerably reduced times with respect to traditional laser therapy. The applications this can be used for

Flossie Mae

Flossie Mae came to Care Animal Regional Emergency Clinic of Spartanburg in March 2014. She was a feral. We trapped out back near our dumpster and fully vetted her. She soon realized life on the inside wasn’t so bad. She is one of our current blood donors saving lives one kitty at a time.

Johnny Cat

Johnny Cat is our senior resident and living a leisure life during his retirement. He came to us as an abandonment case. During an ice storm in November of 2013, Johnny Cat was left on our door step. His condition indicated liver failure, and he required feeding tubes, around the clock care and extensive medical